Retail specialist since 1995


Since founding her independent firm in 1995, Véronique Nocquet's innovative calling has been clear: to support national and international retail shops in their development, and to create a personalised commercial real estate service in the retail industry by working with all business actors.

Our firm is well known for sourcing retail shops, owing to its unique geographical coverage, both domestically and internationally, and its commitment to values based on respecting and listening attentively to our customers as well as understanding our products' market position.

With 20 years of fieldwork, particularly in Paris, our location recommendations have earned us real credibility as well as an anticipatory vision of Paris’ emerging neighbourhoods.

“Think Global, Act local”

Notre mission est celle d’un accompagnement s’inscrivant dans la durée: servir votre enseigne au fil des années, quel que soit le marché local. Dans cette perspective, nous mettons à disposition un portefeuille inédit de produits, bénéficiant de la confiance renouvelée de nos nombreux partenaires sélectionnés au fil des années selon les mêmes critères d’exigence, notamment de connaissance des marchés locaux et de valeurs identiques aux nôtres,afin de répondre à toute recherche précise sur l’ensemble de la France

With 20 years of experience, we combine expertise, a thorough knowledge of the market, active involvement in the field and a totally unique product portfolio that is constantly renewed by our network of selected partners in France and abroad.


1 - Defining a development strategy (with the management of the retail shop)
2 - Establishment of specifications (environment, surface areas etc.) within a given budget framework
3 - Implementation: market research, defining the most suitable streets for the product. Presentation of markets: benchmarking local rents
4 - Reorientation of strategy
5 - Systematic prospecting of selected streets ; regular reporting of available offers. Analysis of opportunities
6 - Selection of the most appropriate business
7 - Negotiation and support right up to the end of the transaction.



Selling store space and buildings is closely linked to the Retail business. Investors consult us for our centralized expertise as well as our global vision of the national market.
Evaluation, advice on purchasing, network arbitration and national commercial real estate portfolios.

We can help enhance your purchases until they arrive on the market, by offering you our unique knowledge of retailers and emerging retail shops.

Such knowledge is vital for any institutional or individual investor, who may take certain risks when acquiring empty shop or office space...


We put our Retail expertise at the disposal of lessors in the commercialisation of major city centre rehabilitation projects, where a global marketing approach is a vital part of our work, in terms of the business sector, market positioning, urban environment, as well as business lines.
City centres of regional capitals are being transformed to new urban living spaces resulting mainly from the renovation of historic buildings (the Carreau du Temple in Paris, etc.) or emblematic geographical locations (docks, etc.).
We want to generate a maximum potential by creating real high added value new living spaces.

The choice of retail shops is crucial, and must be part of an original global strategy, inspired both by the local culture and modernity. Creating a new dynamic goes hand in hand with a concern for profitability and longevity. City centers have already greatly suffered from too much standardisation following the repetitive alignment of retail shops...
Our creed is: reviving the essence of a heritage by giving it a new attractiveness that can generate flow, by combining our own thinking with that of all the project stakeholders, the creativity of architects and the lessors’ need for profitability.
We pay tribute to the past by building new bridges towards the future.

SERVICES or mastering Retail

Retail real estate requires first and foremost practical field knowledge, before any claim can be made of being a "consultant". Is our main asset not our 20 years of experience?
1 - Exclusive missions to develop retail shops and market a building complex.
2 - Advice on setting up stores.
3 - Evaluations, rent estimates.
4 - Arbitration of distribution networks.
5 - Negotiation of commercial leases and pre-contracts.
6 - Investment, selling of occupied and unoccupied shop and office space.
7 - Renting, transfer of lease rights and business assets.

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