Or... the story of how a literature teacher became a perfumer...

It’s wonderful to be a PERFUMER – breathe the fragrances of our times...

Planning to speculate on the marketing of high added value luxury goods is too much hot air...

Creating a ready-to-wear and decoration line needs so much patience...

It is better to sniff all the trends, glance through the vast range of new concepts, feel the DNA of a brand and find its appropriate place in a coherent and convenient urban location. Make it visible, attractive and accessible to everyone in a unique place: the street.


The street does not lie but tells the undeniable truth, as shown at the bottom right of the balance sheet of each year. The direct link with the customer brings with it a sense of reality. There is no room for the nebulous promises inherent to advertising, if you want to help retail shops develop in the long-term...

It is vital, of course, to gain insight into a brand’s DNA, but also to know where to find the best streets in a city, and master the High Streets of International capitals. This is a profession that constantly connects the Sky to the Earth – the product’s image and its productivity. Reality catches up with us all the time, and that's a good thing.

The rate at which new retail shops are being opened calls for constant vigilance. Anticipating movements between the so-called mass-market, middle-market and luxury retail shops is essential.

Since the 90s, there has been increased Retail globalisation as new concepts have flowed in from both Italy and Brazil, as well as from the Scandinavia or elsewhere. Our horizons have followed suit.

But it is likely that "Paris will always be Paris," the Capital of Fashion, and will still continue to attract emerging brands.

How fortunate that we are at the heart of such an influence.
And what a pleasure it is then to open outlets in other parts of the world...

Observation is a hard drug.

Yours faithfully, since 1995.

Signature de Véronique Nocquet


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