The Cross Border Retail Team


We offer expertise in all aspects of your International retail expansion plans.

The idea of giving international retailers the largest overview and solutions of sites on an international scale seems to be obvious to anyone. Make it real is another matter.

Being able to find solutions for our clients right away, sending them directly to London or New York with all key plans and proposals to make them an opinion about the local market and specific rules, that’s our goal.

The success of this reactivity results from the lightness of our structure, for which the idea of service is not an empty word but a reality of personalized support.

Keeping evolving to follow them from the beginning to the end, at the signature, that’s our mission. Retail real estate players of each member’s country keep in mind the International expansion strategy of their client, in order to better understand a global development.

Even if each retail market is specific, we can find the same evolution in the main European and American cities: Prime high streets values are always increasing keep growing, when we still complain about crisis effects…

We provide an opportunity to explore particular and global market at the same time. “Think global, act local” defines our philosophy …

Also, we are very attentive to the upcoming international brands…

We deliver integrate solutions by actively advising, implementing on behalf of landlords, tenants and investors through every stage of the real estate process.


PARIS and even Cannes attract the International luxury brands. Paris is an iconic fashion city, and a shopping priority in Europe for millions of tourists. Even if our country is suffering of economic crisis, Paris is still the Capital of luxury market.

“ Paris restera toujours Paris”…

Luxury labels invest in their flagship store: no other retail segment is as throughly internationalised as the luxury goods market. Even if luxury brands are targeting their expansion on the Asian emerging markets, where booming local economies are creating a new class of high-income consumers, they optimise their locations and networks in mature Western market, and Paris is the center of gravity.

The RUE SAINT HONORE became the place to be for luxury and trendy brands, and in the mean time the most expensive shopping street in only one year, (except the Champs Elysées a record breaker at 20 000 euros per square meter a year), more than 10 000 euros per square meter a year!

We signed last year just before this explosion with new coming brands like & Other stories (the new concept of H&M group), Piquadro, Exemplaire, Agent Provocateur… Also the MARAIS takes advantage of this booming touristic areas, and the left bank found this year a new breath in rue de Sèvres, after the openings of Hermès, Berlutti, and Omega…

The traditional shopping areas in Paris have been joined up and boostered by new arrivals, whose growing importance and shift up-market are becoming increasingly tangible.

We are passionate about retail… acting for landlords and tenants, we make sure we give balanced advice and keep quality and integrity values over the years and borders.


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